COD MW3 Aimbot & Wallhack (Undetectable) {Xbox360 PS3 PC}

Sorry Guys This doesnt work anymore COD MW3 Aimbot & Wallhack (Undetectable) {Xbox360 PS3 PC} **Steps to Installing the Bot** 1. Download the link listed above, and extract the file to desktop. Be sure to save it to your desktop. 2. double click on it, then Insert a USB into your Xbox 360, note that the size of the USB can be anything that is over 64MB. 3. Go to the dashboard, System settings, Memory and go to USB drive, Configure the USB if it’s used for the first time. Click Gamer profiles and transfer the one you’re going to be using the bot with. 4. Remove USB drive from xbox, insert it back into PC. Now, double click the folder you’ve extracted, put the folder into the root of your USB. 5. After the file has been moved into the root of your USB, Go to the folder ” Stealth Patch “, and run “MW3-SP.exe”, a black window will pop up, and disappear in a short amount of time, the amount of time it takes depends on your computer speed, this will stealth patch your gamer profile. 6. After you’ve stealth patched your profile, run the .exe files in the other subfolder you’ve extracted, this time the order does not matter. 7. When you have successfully followed the instructions above, safely remove your USB drive, and insert it back into your xbox, and move your profile back into the xbox 360. 8. Put your MW3 game into the 360, Join a game of any kind. 9. Input (A,Y,X,B,Y,X) after pressing the Xbox button in the middle of your controller, this must be done at the beginning of
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  1. Please help i did surveys? and download file and got the password txt file but it still doesn’t let me unzip :( any help is appreciated

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