MW3 Survival 101: BEST Gun for Survival Mode!

MW3 Survival 101: BEST Gun for Survival Mode!

2nd ep of Survival 101! Can we get 100 Likes? please :) If you would like to see any specific videos then please make sure to post a comment bellow… also the reason the m60 is so pro for survival because it has a very large clip, which really helps out when there are 20 enemies rushing towards you… the m60 also destroys heli’s in seconds! best gun for survival mode, best gun for surival mode Thanks
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First Multiple Guns Glitch! Get more than 2 weapons (Up to 13?) in Survival Mode. If this appears to be patched, try this one: The videos shown on this channel are strictly for Entertainment and educational purposes only! I, SewerWaste, do not promote hacking or modding in any type of competitive gameplay, REPORTING PURPOSES ONLY. be it a Professional lobby or a Public Match lobby. The videos shown here are for your entertainment. ~~~ ‘Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use’ ~~~ LEGAL DISCLAIMER The content within these recordings are property of their respective Designers, Writers, Creators, Owners, Organizations, Companies and Producers. I do not and will not profit from making and uploading these recordings, they are for fun & archival purposes only. This Disclaimer applies to all uploaded recordings within my account unless stated otherwise in videos’ description. I will not give out Torrent links nor do I condone their use. http

42 thoughts on “MW3 Survival 101: BEST Gun for Survival Mode!

  1. The best way to kill off a hoard of enemies is to find an area where they clump up, like a hallway, put a whole bunch of c4 in the area, and one claymore? at the end. Enemies rush down the hallway, the one in front trips the claymore, BOOM the hallway explodes. the advantage being no need to monitor the c4, it has the claymore to activate it instead.
    or you could always try pairing every claymore with a c4 at the edge of its blast radius. Makes for way more effective land mines.

  2. actually it depends. if no sleight of hand, then the g36c or? cm901 are the best due to their already fairly quick reload. g36c more accurate and higher fire rate. cm901 more damage. but if you do the i would recomend the striker and l86 combo. major jizzage.

  3. like lieutenantN278 said you will shit your pants when you see the L86 Lsw but my fav. gun is probably the AK-47 maybe or the M-16 or somthing i like? them all i survived by my self to level 67 its sooo hard with a friend we survived 116 rounds :0

  4. attention!!! i know one that works,first with your friend,knife him till he goes down,revive him and straight away get the senetry out infront and then just simply buy another weapon,try it and then like my comment,remember wait till the other pearson? has regaind health be4 reviving!

  5. @mitchhan if u wanna do it go to saved data utility and delete the mw3 patch around 93 Mb or something then u can do it idk? if its patched already havent tried it out yet this works.

  6. theres a easier way instead of setting the sentry down so pull out the sentry go up and jump you still have you sentry and you wont have a gun? out

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