Win a trip to outer space! Viper Says!

How to win a trip to outer space! I’d love if you subbed! You can JOIN IN on these! I play weekl…
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This short video reveals the date on cod ghosts! Check out our new website, donations are being taken also, we need donations to buy a better website, we are…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

15 thoughts on “Win a trip to outer space! Viper Says!

  1. It might be? that Rockstar game is not allowing them to because they are very picky with release day videos, I’m not sure though.

  2. bro is anybody casting GTA5 rn on swiftor. com ? i went to the sight and none of the? caster buttons loaded, i think my the page is having a technical issue, or is it just my computer? im using google chrome. it usually always works, but this time none of the caster buttons appeared, and when i manually typed in caster names everyone appeared offline. just wondering, is something wrong. or is it just me

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