MW2 Mod Menu PC + Download Link And Tutorial

this mod was created by check him out this mod is for AlterIWnet (free online enabled (working) Modern Warfare 2) Downloads AlterIWnet: (look at the webpage it has the instructions on how to install and play it) GEE mod: how to use it: How to install mod 1. download it and DO NOT extract it 2. create a new folder in your mods folder in your AlterIWnet directory 3. place the GEE.iwd into the mods folder 4. run AlterIWnet 5. press ALT + TAB to minimize to the desktop copy and paste this fs_game mods/gee;vid_restart into the AlterIWnet console the game will resart NOTE: you need to put this command in each time you reload or want to use the GEE mod again. 6. go into a private match and go nuts Controls N= open menu 5= scroll/browze menu SPACE= choose mod or select
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22 thoughts on “MW2 Mod Menu PC + Download Link And Tutorial

  1. @Bluetechxx are you sure youve done everything right you may need to watch my new video because this method doesnt work you need a new console command |
    fs_game mods/gee while youre in the pre? game lobby and it should work :D

  2. I have installed it and everything, put the code in mods folder and everything, but when i press “N” Nothing happens :( ( it is so dumb becauce it looks so fun and everything like that, wish i had it to ,, Nice vid btw? , please reply :)

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